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If you’ve heard scratching sounds or noticed droppings, damage cause by gnawing, or the smell of urine, chances are you could be dealing with a mouse or rat infestation.

For free advice and first-class service, please contact our specialist team of rat and mouse control experts today!

Rat and Mouse Control London
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Professional Rat & Mice Removal Services in London

Rats and mice carry disease and can be extremely destructive if left untreated so it’s imperative that any mice or rat problem is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re a commercial or domestic client, our team of expertly trained pest control technicians have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide variety of rodent infestations.

We provide a discrete service and will provide effective treatments to tackle the problem with the minimum of fuss.

Rat Control Services London

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What Are THe Signs of a Mouse or Rat Infestation?

Rats and mice are nocturnal creatures so it’s rare to see them during the day. Even so, there are a few tell-tale signs that you might be dealing with a mouse or rat infestation:

  • Droppings – Mouse and rat droppings are dark brown and around the same size as a grain of rice. They are commonly concentrated in one particular area which makes them easy to spot.
  • Scratching Sounds – You may hear scurrying or scratching sounds in the walls, loft space, or under the floorboards.
  • Signs of Damage – Because their teeth don’t stop growing, rats and mice constantly gnaw on objects to file them down. If you’ve noticed bite marks,  gnawing damage or cables that have been chewed, that’s usually a sign that you’re dealing with a mouse or rat problem.

Concerned that you have a rat or mouse infestation? Rats and mice can cause damage, spread disease and breed quickly so it’s important to act fast. Contact our team today to discuss your issue, and we’ll provide you with the best solution to tackle your rodent problem…

I can't thank Reece and Ali enough. They were extremely responsive to our request, and were able to send a specialist to identify and treat our pest problem the very same day! A five-star service - and no more pests! Excellent company, brilliant service.

Maia Hoffman

Valued Customer

Excellent service. The guys were punctual and extremely polite. They quickly identified our pest problem and provided us with a fixed price for the treatment and ongoing maintenance plan. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you Reece & Ali

Adrian Gibbs

Valued Customer

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Discovering rats or mice in your home can be a cause of distress. Don’t let a rodent problem ruin your day and call the professional rat and mouse removal experts at Go-Pest today to book a complimentary site visit.

Our BPCA accredited pest control technicians provide safe and effective treatments to tackle even the most severe mouse or rat infestation. We provide fast and discreet service and will tackle your problem with the minimum of fuss.

For more information about our rat and mouse removal and prevention services, pelase contact our friendly team today.

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