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Being stung by a wasp can be a painful experience, and for those people that are allergic to stings, it can be life-threatening!

While it might be tempting to take a DIY approach to wasp nest removal, wasps have the potential to attack in large numbers if their nest is disturbed, and unlike bees, female wasps can sting repeatedly.

Rather than putting yourself in harms way, why bit reduce the risks of being stung and seek the services of a professional wasp removal specialist? We offer fast and affordable wasp removal services to customers across London and the South East.

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We specialise in effective wasp removal treatments to get rid of your wasp infestation as quickly as possible. The methods we use to remove wasps include direct application using a professional powder or spray, or if the nest is located in an area with limited access, we will use fogging equipment to ensure a succesful treatment.

Our professional pest technicians typically require just a single 30-45 minute visit to treat a nest, and all wasp activity will be gone within 24-48 hours.

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I can't thank Reece and Ali enough. They were extremely responsive to our request, and were able to send a specialist to identify and treat our pest problem the very same day! A five-star service - and no more pests! Excellent company, brilliant service.

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Excellent service. The guys were punctual and extremely polite. They quickly identified our pest problem and provided us with a fixed price for the treatment and ongoing maintenance plan. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you Reece & Ali

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If you’ve noticed wasp activity in or around your property, it’s best to deal with the problem as quickly as possible before the number of wasps increase and the wasps become more aggressive, increasing the chanes of stings during treatment.

While you may think that the wasps will simply dissapear when the cold weather hits later in the year, the queen of each nest will typically produce upwards of eight new queens which will then begin to build a new nest in a nearby area. So while you may get away with treating the problem this year, next year the problem is likely to become much worse.

Another thing that is often overlooked is the damage that wasps can cause if left unreated. As the wasp colony grows they will chew through wooden joists and plasterboard in order to expand. So again, we’d strongly advise seeking professional help at the first sign of wasp activity.

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