What Are the Worst Pests in London?

What Are the Worst Pests in London?

With a population of over 9 million (humans that is!), and a wide variety of commercial and residential properties, it’s no surprise that London is a hot bed for nuisance pests. With ample places to hide and easy access to food sources, London is practically the Ritz for pests!

But what are the worst pests in London? Well, being a London pest control company, we’ve been called out to deal with a wide variety of pests in the capital, and these are the most common pests we’ve had to deal with:

  1. Rats, Mice and Rodents
    Without a doubt, callouts to deal with mice and rodents are one of our most popular requests. Unfortunately, rodents such as rats and mice (and even squirrels) can carry disease so it’s important you act quickly if you believe you have a rodent infestation.
    Another big problem with rats and mice is that their teeth never stop growing. This means they must continually gnaw at things, and this cause expensive damage to your property.

    Our team of pest control experts have a wealth of experience in dealing with rodent infestations in London and can offer tips for future prevention. For rat control London, please contact us today!

  2. Cockroaches
    Cockroaches are another common pest in London. They are more likely to be found in restaurants and residential homes during the colder months. Cockroaches also breed much like rodents, so infestations can get out of control very quickly if not dealt with promptly.
    Cockroaches have also been known to carry disease as well as causing allergic reactions so it’s important to act quickly at the first sign of a problem.

    And because of their ability to pretty much live anywhere and eat anything, controlling cockroaches can be major headache. Thankfully our cockroach treatments in London are incredibly effective at eradicating these insects.

  3. Bed Bugs
    Due the large population as well as being a hot spot for tourists and business travellers, bedbugs are another common pest that can be found in London. A bed bug infestation can quickly get out of hand and can cause skin irritation leading to sleepless nights.

    Dealing with bed bugs requires the skills and experience of a professional pest control company. So, if you suspect you have a bed bug problem, please call our experts for London bed bug removal services.

  4. Pigeons
    Pigeons are a problem because of their corrosive droppings. This can cause paint damage on vehicles and damage to brickwork on buildings. Their nests can also cause problems especially if they decide to take up residence in your gutters.

    Here at Go-Pest we have a wealth of experience with bird control. So, if you’re dealing with nuisance pigeons or gulls, contact our team today to discuss the bird proofing services we have available.

  5. Foxes
    You may think that foxes are more of a nuisance in the countryside, but urban foxes are becoming a real problem in large cities. Unfortunately, controlling urban foxes is difficult and expensive because shooting or snaring isn’t suitable for urban areas, and live trapping isn’t terribly effective making them very a very difficult pest to control.

    There are some things that you can do though to help reduce the likelihood of urban foxes coming onto your property such as; removing any food waste, ensuring your bins are properly sealed, use animal repellents to discourage foxes entering your garden, and remove any areas where they are likely to make home, such as cutting back overgrown areas and block any spaces under buildings.

  6. Wasps and Bees
    During the summer months we get countless calls to help deal with wasps and bees. If you believe you are dealing with a wasp or bee infestation, please contact our team today for more information on the treatments available to you.

    Our Services: Bee Nest Removal London, Wasp Nest Removal London.

  7. Flies
    Flies are a rather disgusting pest as they only feed on liquids and liquefy their food with stomach acid. This process also transfers bacteria onto the food and spreads diseases. Flies can be a particular problem for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Need help dealing with a pest problem? Call the London pest control experts at Go-Pest today for rapid and friendly service. Whatever pest you’re dealing with, we’ve got the tools and experience to get the job done!