Protecting Your Pets and Family When Treating for Pests

Protectiing Your Pets and Family When Treating for Pests

As a parent or pet owner, we understand that the safety of your loved ones should always remain a top priority. Go-Pest ensure to tackle your pest control problem whilst implementing safety measures to ensure your pets and children remain protected.

The main pest control procedures Go-Pest will use in your home include:


As the name suggest, Insecticides target insects. Insecticides work by opening what’s known as the sodium ion channel in the neurons or nerve cells of insects, causing damage to the cells immediately, resulting in the insect dying. Unlike insects humans have a layer of body fat which prevents the spray from entering the body, and therefore insecticides are harmless to humans and pets.

Insecticides may cause slight irritation to the skin, and therefore we will advise you to leave your house whilst this procedure is carried out and ensure the substance has dried before you return.

Go-Pest ensure only “low fume” sprays are used, so asthma and other respiratory problems are not triggered.


Rodenticides are used to treat rodents. Due to targeting mammals, we understand rodenticides will be an increased concern to you.

Go-Pest will insert a small but adequate amount of poison into secured baiting boxes. Baiting boxes will be inaccessible to humans and pets and will only contain enough poison to kill animals the sizes of squirrels/rats.

We only use poison which when in contact with saliva will release a bright red dye to alert you that poison has been consumed and ensure action is taken immediately.

In addition, the poison we use includes a taste deterrent to all mammals except rodents to deter any pets or children away by a distinct taste. YUCK!

Go-Pest also use traps to treat rodents, however ensures all traps are inaccessible to humans and pets.

In the unlikely event a human or pet consumes poison, we will advise you to immediately call a
doctor or vet to obtain further advice/treatment.

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