Pest Advice for Controlling Grey Squirrels

Pest Advice for Controlling Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels are invasive pests, not native to the UK.

There are four reasons we control grey squirrels:

  • Their potential to damage to your home. Grey squirrels gnaw on woodwork and strip insulation from electrical wires.
  • The destruction of UK forests, due to bark stripping of tree trunks.
  • The decline of the red squirrel due to the grey squirrel carrying “squirrel pox” virus which only affects the red squirrel.
  • The taking of eggs and young chicks which can be devastating for ground-nesting bird populations.

Controlling Grey Squirrels

Trapping is the most effective way to control grey squirrels.

Go-Pest will lay safe and effective traps in the areas where grey squirrels have been seen/heard alongside bait to lure the squirrel into the trap. We will then make a second visit to clear the traps and dispose of the carcasses and proof any holes to prevent squirrels from re-entering your home.

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